The Scientific and Usage Advisory Board (SUAB) is installed to provide feedback on orientations, results and usage scenarios of the EARS project. It aims at stimulating users, industrial and research communities both to inspire the research and development and to exploit the outcomes of this project. It will convene for assessing EARS’ strategic orientations, for assessing usage scenarios as well as the project results at different stages of the project.

Dr. Gary Elko

mh acoustics, Summit, NJ, USA

Prof. Sharon Gannot

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Dr. Tim Haulick

Nuance Communication, Ulm, Germany

Dr. Martin Heckmann

Honda Research Europe, Offenbach, Germany

Prof. Shoji Makino

Tsukuba University, Japan

Dr. Yukie Nagai

Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Dr. Akihiko Sugiyama

NEC Research, Yokohama, Japan

Dr. Rainer Bischoff

Kuka Laboratories GmbH, Augsburg, Germany

Prof. Kazuhiro Nakadai

Honda Research Institute Japan

Prof. Hiroshi G. Okuno

Waseda University, Japan