Spatio-Spectral Masking for Spherical Array Beamforming

U. Abend and B. Rafaely (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

ICSEE 2016, Eilat, Israel, Nov. 16-18, 2016
[showhide type=”Abstract”] Abstract: Beamforming using spherical arrays has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, the performance of beamforming algorithms is greatly affected by the limited number of sensors. This work offers a novel approach based on pre-processing of the spatial data in order to better separate the signal from noise, thus improving beamforming performance. The method involves transformation of the data to the spatio-spectral domain, using the spatially-localized spherical Fourier transform, followed by masking. The masking function is defined using a-priori knowledge of signal to noise ratio. The performance of the proposed algorithm is then evaluated using a simulation study, showing improvement over conventional spatial filtering. [/showhide]
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Paper: Paper_ICSEE_2016_BGU_UA