Milestone MS3

MS3:  Robot audition algorithms in generic EARS scenario
WP number: 1, 2, and 5
Lead beneficiary: IMPERIAL
Delivery date: 31.12.2014

Description: For the generic EARS usage scenario (described in D5.2), first results will be shown
for the robot audition algorithms developed in WP2. Real-world data collections recorded using
generic microphone arrays, existing robot microphone arrays, and first anthropomorphic and
robomorphic microphone array designs (from T1.1, T1.2) will form the basis for simulating
algorithms for source localization (T2.1), focusing (T2.2.) and spatial filtering (T2.4). Evaluation
will be carried out regarding the localization accuracy as a function of observation time and the
amount of interference and noise suppression. Moreover, speech recognition scores will be used
to assess the performance of the algorithms.

Verification: Presentation at review meeting; intermediate internal report as a contribution to

Report on MS3: EARS_WP2_MS3_Robotic_Audition_Algorithms_in_Generic_EARS_Scenario_20141229_Final_PN