Milestone MS7

MS7: Second version of Nao prototype with improved algorithms for audition and interaction
WP number: 5 (with input from WPs 1, 2, 3, 4)
Lead beneficiary: ALD
Delivery date: 31.08.2016 (M32)

Description: The modules defining MS6 are integrated into the Nao robot platform. Embedded
computing capabilities of the robot itself will be complemented by computing power of
workstations linked to the robot as far as necessary and possible.

Verification: Enhanced robot audition and extended HRI for Nao can be demonstrated. Criteria for
enhancement include precision of source localization and speed of tracking performance; speech
recognition rate in noisy and reverberant environments, with competing speech and other
acoustic sources; richness of HRI.

Report: EARS_Report_on_MS7_20160831_final_RG_HL