Milestone MS6

MS6: Hard- and software for final prototype
WP number: 2, 3, 4, 5
Lead beneficiary: FAU
Delivery date: 30.06.2016 (M30)

Description: Microphone array hardware (T1.1, T1.2), software modules for acoustic map
(T2.1,T2.3), focusing (T2.2) and spatial filtering (T2.4,T2.6) for one moving target source,
acoustic echo cancellation (T2.5), audio-visual localisation module (T3.2), interaction behaviour
(T4.1,T4.2,T4.3,T4.5) are ready for integration into the final demonstrator for the ‘Welcome
robot’ scenario. Individual algorithmic performance of the modules is documented.

Verification: By delivery of hardware and software including documentation to WP5.2, 5.3.

Report: EARS_Report_on_MS6_20160630_final_HL

The corresponding software for the final prototype is provided by a repository (for EARS members) and the current version (June 30, 2016) can also be download as zip-archive. The corresponding hardware (Benchmark II head) has been presented at the Review Meeting on April 7, 2016 in Berlin.