Public Talks, SB, SUAB and Technical Project Meetings
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)
Felix Klein Building
Room K3-128
Cauerstr. 11
91058 Erlangen
Code Camp
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)
“Areva Building”
Room 00.043
Wetterkreuz 15
91058 Erlangen-Tennenlohe
The venues can be reached via bus line 295 which stops at the main train station in Erlangen as well as the “Hugenottenplatz”. The Felix Klein Building at the south campus is a 5 min walk away from the bus stop “Südgelände” at the street B4. (Just cross the bridge over the B4 to reach the south campus.) The “Areva Building” at Wetterkreuz 21 is very close to the bus stop “Am Weichselgarten”.
We have reserved some places at the restaurant Steinbach Bräu (Vierzigmannstraße 4, 91054 Erlangen) where we meet at 19:00 or later.
An informal EARS dinner take place on Wednesday, Nov. 30, and starts at 19:30 at the restaurant „Mein Lieber Schwan“(Hauptstraße 110, 91054 Erlangen).
The official EARS dinner on Thursday, Dec. 1, starts at 19:30 and takes place at the Restaurant “Basilikum”, Altstädter Kirchenplatz 2, 91054 Erlangen.
We are not planning to organise anything on Friday 2nd, but instead we can offer some suggestions if you plan to stay in Erlangen a little longer.
The following contingent options have been reserved from Sunday 27th November (arrival) until Saturday 3rd December (departure) for the EARS meeting at FAU at the end of this year:
Hotel Rokokohaus: 7 Single rooms at a cost of 86 Euro (including breakfast)
Location and contact: Theaterplatz 13, 91054 Erlangen, Tel. +49-(0)9131-7830, Email:; website:
This option is available until 31.10.2016.
Altmann’s Stube Hotel: 9 Single rooms at a cost of either 75 Euro or 81 Euro (including breakfast for both room categories)
Location and contact: Theaterplatz 9, 91054 Erlangen, Tel. +49-(0)9131-89160, Email: Website:
This option is available until 15.10.2016.
For either option, participants are asked to reserve their rooms directly with the respective hotel under the keyword “EARS”.
FAU offers eduroam. If you are not registered for eduroam, we will provide WLAN guest accounts.
Guests can access the wireless LAN „“ with their credentials under following instructions:
The Certificate „Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2“ has to be installed on the device. Most common operating systems are preinstalled with it.

  1. Please use the wireless LAN connection overview to connect to the network
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Compare and confirm the Certificate prompt [1]

Christmas Markets
Besides the famous Christkindl Market in Nuremberg, there are also three christmas markets in Erlangen at the time of the meeting. The following link gives information on all 3 markets (Waldweihnachten on Schlossplatz, historische/medieval market on Neustädter Kirchenplatz and the one on Altstädter Kirchenplatz)
Moreover, you can also get further information at the following website: