D5.3: Microphone arrays and video-augmented robot audition for the humanoid robot NAO

This deliverable comprises a report on the physical integration of the microphone arrays (described in D1.3) into NAO: Aldebaran documents the mechanical and electronic integration of the microphone arrays into the head and body of NAO to
optimize robot audition. D5.3 also includes the software and a report on its structure and implementation for the new video-augmented robot audition and interaction functionalities developed in EARS.

This Deliverable is due in M30 and has been submitted to the EC on June 30, 2016.

Report: EARS_Report_on_D53_20160630_PM

The corresponding software for the final prototype is provided by a repository (for EARS members) and the current version (June 30, 2016) can also be download as zip-archive.